Welcome to Crimson & Clover Events!

Hi friends,

Welcome to Crimson & Clover Events! I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself, I'm Michelle, the Owner and Lead Event Planner over here at C & C Events. Let me tell you a bit about why I started this company and what it means to me! 

I've planned and worked on events for the past 10 years, starting when I volunteered to organize a charity gala while completing my Undergraduate Business Degree at the University of Ottawa. From there I've planned baby showers, government conferences, staff retreats, weddings and the list goes on. Over the years, I always had this nagging feeling of wanting to set out and start my own business one day and it slowly grew to be something I felt like I had to do. I brainstormed idea after idea of what this business could be and then it dawned on me....wedding & event planning! I have the experience. I'm mega organized. I enjoy planning and logistics. I love a good wedding (who doesn't ?!). THIS IS IT. 

So I had made up my mind, I was going to step away from my full-time job in the non-profit sector and run head-first into entrepreneurship! 

I've had so many conversations with friends about how on their wedding day they didn't want to do all the things they felt like they "should do". They wanted to create a day that was a reflection of them as a couple and would enjoy! Such a strange concept, I know! This was a gap I idenitified, something that people were seeking but having trouble creating! So that's how I decided that Crimson & Clover Events would cater to clients that are bold and want to break the rules and create an experience that truly represents them. Does this mean they have to throw all tradition out the window? Heck no. It just means they are up for asking themselves why are we doing this? Do we even want to do this? Maybe we do or maybe we would rather try something else? Asking those questions and thinking out of the box allows us to create an event that is everything they dreamed of and more! We want our clients to wake up the next day saying "I wish we could do it all over again!". 

So that's a little bit about us!  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to send us a message and introduce yourself! 

Michelle x

CRIMSON | The colour crimson is deeply romantic and we love the bold statement that it makes. We love working with clients that make a statement through the design and planning of their wedding or celebration. 

CLOVER | Each leaf of a clover is said to hold a different meaning; with the first leaf representing hope, the second representing faith, the third representing love and the fourth representing luck